Frequently Asked Questions

Tutors are given the option of offering discounts on the app to encourage a fair-market competition. The discounts offered by the tutors follow a discount scheme designed and developed by us. You’re offered discounts on an incremental basis for:

  1. Total number of hours tutored;
  2. Number of students in a group session.

Although we urge students to stay on the app when contacting their tutor to guarantee protecting their rights by documenting their relationship with the tutor, we surely don’t mind having you and tutor use other chat channels to communicate.

All our tutors pass multiple background checks in order to ensure that AlGooru has top talent sharing their knowledge with other peers. Our screening and recruiting process is rigorous as it requires both academic excellence proven from a tutor’s transcript in addition to prior experience that we screen through a potential tutor’s CV. Additionally, we require applicants to answer send us a short video so we can assess their communication skills.

We’re not promising to match you with a qualified tutor for nothing! In case you were dissatisfied with your tutor or felt that the tutor didn’t meet your expectations, you are encouraged to contact us for a refund as per our Smart-Match Guarantee.

The tutoring sessions you schedule take place in your most convenient locations. They can be at home, café, university, or anywhere else as chosen by you when booking your session with the tutor on the app.

You simply have to download our AlGooru mobile app, register an account, look up the subject you’d like to be tutored in, filter the results based on your university, screen through the list of various vetted tutors ready to assist you with your academic hitches, and follow the easy steps of booking your session by choosing the preferred date, location, and payment method.

We understand that plans can change, and situations may come up that are out of your control. If you need to cancel your appointment, you can do so directly from your account up to 24 hours before your appointment. Alternatively, please give us a call to let us know and we’ll gladly reschedule your appointment.

You may contact your tutor by using our built-in chatting feature; which allows you to text, call, send and receive documents from the tutor.

You’ll be offered 2 payment methods to choose from before confirming your session on the app, either by cash or by credit. Should you choose paying in cash, you’ll simply be requested to settle the full payment to your tutor subsequent to finishing all your sessions.

In this unfortunate case, you’re encouraged to request the course by following the appropriate steps you find on your screen following not finding the course listed in our app. We usually take 24-48 hours to get back to you with updates.

AlGooru is an excellent way to make an extra buck whether you’re still in university or a graduate; as it offers you the ultimate flexibility to work in your spare time. In addition, AlGooru offers appropriate management tools for people who take tutoring as a business, while exposing their profile to our community’s massive network of students.

Joining the AlGooru community of tutors is very simple, download the app, and follow the easy steps of applying as a tutor while uploading the necessary documents and attachments.

Who said grades determine the success of an individual?! Although we do look at your grades, they’re not the only factor that defines your qualification. Relevant experience and communication skills compensate for less fortunate graders.

AlGooru promotes a fair-market competition, meaning that a tutor is free to set their own hourly rate when offering a course to tutor.

Yes, you may, as long as the student was sourced through your own effort. Channeling students outside AlGooru is not acceptable.

Subjects that you are well acquainted at and that you have previously excelled in.

The tutoring can take place anywhere, it’s up to the student to determine it at first, and thereafter can be changed depending on both your convenience and the student’s.

The students and tutors decide if the lesson should happen offline or online. For the time being, if the student chooses the online option, you can choose the video calling software or service of your choice.

You may cancel a session if urgent or unforeseen circumstances arise. We highly urge you to cancel a session a minimum of 24 hours before you are scheduled to meet with your student. After you cancel a session, you will be asked to suggest an alternative time and date for the canceled session, which if the student approves, will be booked to make up for the canceled session.

You can either get paid in cash by the student upon completion of all your sessions, by choosing to have your payments wired to your bank account, or by collecting the full payment from our offices 3-5 days upon completing all your sessions with the student.