Terms of Services

Effective Date: Thursday, December 26, 2019


Welcome to AlGooru. These Terms and Conditions (“Terms of Service” or “Agreement”) govern Your access to and use of the tasks of tutoring Services offered by www.AlGooru.com, accessible via the mobile application (together, AlGooru) and any and all information, text, graphics, photos, or other materials uploaded, downloaded, or appearing on the Services (as defined below).

By accessing and using the Services in any manner, You are "accepting" and agreeing to be bound by these Terms of Service to the exclusion of all other Terms. If You do not unconditionally accept these Terms in their entirety, You shall not (and shall have no right to) access or use the Services. If the Terms of this Agreement are considered an offer, acceptance is expressly limited to such Terms. These Terms should be read in conjunction with AlGooru privacy policy.

Wherever used in these Terms of Service, “You”, “Your”, “Customer”, “Student”, “Client” or similar Terms means the person or legal entity accessing or using the Services. If You are accessing and using the Services on behalf of a company (such as Your employer) or other legal entity, You represent and warrant that You have the authority to bind that company or other legal entity to these Terms of Service.

AlGooru reserves the right, at any time, to update and change any or all of these Terms of Service, in its sole discretion, including but not limited to the fees and charges associated with the use of the Services. If AlGooru does so, it will post the modified Terms of Service on the Site, though AlGooru will notify You of any changes that, in our sole discretion, materially impact these Terms of Service. Continued use of the Services after any such changes have been made shall constitute Your consent to such changes. You are responsible for regularly reviewing the most current version of the Terms of Service, which are currently available at: https://www.AlGooru.com/Terms


  • The Site provided by AlGooru is intended to help users seeking tutoring services (“Students”) to find and connect with users seeking to provide tutoring services (“Tutors”), hereafter individually and collectively referred to as “you”, “You” or “Users”.
  • The Site connects simultaneously Students seeking help in a specific course to qualified Tutors, in order to find and locate each other to schedule a tutoring session. It allows high school and university students to find, book and coordinate with a qualified tutor (the “Services”).
  • AlGooru registers only the best Tutors among the candidates, as per their knowledge and competence in the field they are willing to tutor, inquiring their education background and skills, in particular their credentials, academic education, experience and personality.
  • Nevertheless, Tutors are freelancers working on their own behalf, hired by Students, and they control all aspects of the tutoring including, but not limited to, methods and materials. AlGooru does not employ any Tutors, and does not have any control over the quality, timing or legality of the services actually delivered by Tutors, nor of the integrity, responsibility or actions of Students. AlGooru does not refer or recommend either Students or Tutors nor does AlGooru make any representations about the suitability, reliability, timeliness and accuracy of the services provided by Tutors or the integrity, responsibility or actions of Students. AlGooru does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information provided by Students or Tutors on or off the Site.
  • All tutoring sessions should take place in a safe and/or public environment and be supervised by a responsible and trustful adult.
  • Students will remain responsible for selecting the appropriate Tutors for their specific tutoring needs. Students should review the Tutors registered profile on the Site, including their ratings by other Students, to make their hiring decisions. You understand and agree to make you own decisions and assessments about who you should hire and that it is your sole responsibility to conduct any and all background inquiries and reference checks with respect to other Users.
  • AlGooru expressly disclaims, and you expressly release AlGooru from any and all liability whatsoever for any claims, suits, damages and/or disputes arising out or in relation with any inaccuracy, untimeliness or incompleteness regarding Users’ misstatements or misrepresentations on the Site.


To be eligible to use the Site and Services, Tutors must meet the following requirements:

    • be permitted to work in the country the Tutor wishes to tutor in;
    • be above eighteen (18) years old;
    • be an expert in the subject or have aced the class you want to tutor;
    • be a college sophomore or higher, or have a degree from an accredited university;
    • possess strong oral and written communication skills;
  • By registering with the Site and/or using the Site or the Services, you represent and warrant that you are eligible to use the Site and Services, that you have the right and capacity to enter into the Terms, and that you undertake to abide by all these Terms.
  • If you are under eighteen (18) years old and would like to participate in AlGooru as a Student (an “Underage Participant”), you may ask your parent or legal guardian to register on your behalf to use the Site and Service (a “Parent Registered User”). By registering as a Parent Registered User, you hereby represent, warrant, understand, agree to and accept these Terms in their entirety on behalf of yourself and your Underage Participant whether or not you use the Site or Services. You further understand and agree that you will ensure your Underage Participant’s compliance with these Terms and that you are responsible for any noncompliance by your Underage Participant.
  • If you are a Parent Registered User, you also agree that you are responsible for monitoring the account of your Underage Participant as well as your Underage Participant’s activities both on and off the Site, including monitoring who your Underage Participant communicates with and meets both on and off the Site and from whom he or she agrees to receive tutoring services.


3.1 General Obligations

  • You undertake and agree to use the Site and/or the Services only for purpose that are consistent with the academic honesty policy of your school, university or academic institution, and/or with all and any conduct policies they may have.
  • You may only use the Site and/or Services to find tutoring services or tutoring sessions for yourself. You may not assign or otherwise transfer your account to any other person or entity.
  • You are responsible for providing accurate, current and complete information in connection with your registration for use of the Site and Services. You represent and warrant to AlGooru that you have the right and authority to provide all information you provide about yourself. You agree, represent and warrant to AlGooru that you have the right, and hereby grant to AlGooru, its licensees and successors, an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully paid, worldwide license to use, copy, perform, display, reproduce, adapt, modify and distribute all and any information and content you provide, and to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works, such information and content.
  • AlGooru does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information on the Site nor is AlGooru responsible for any claims relating to inaccurate, untimely or incomplete information provided by Users.
  • By using the Site or Services, you agree that you shall never, in any way:
    • use the Site or Services, or any information contained therein in any way that is unlawful, abusive, threatening or otherwise offending;
    • provide false, outdated or inaccurate information;
    • re-register with AlGooru, or attempt to re-register, in case AlGooru have terminated your account or in order to avoid a User’s review;
    • use another user’s AlGooru account;
    • use the Site and/or Services for any commercial solicitation purposes;
    • interfere or attempt to interfere in any way with the functioning of Algooru’s Services;
    • bypass any measures AlGooru take to restrict access to the Site and/or Services or use any software, technology, or device to abuse the Services or harvest data from the Site.
  • AlGooru reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to immediately terminate your use of the Site and Services if you violate any terms stated herein. Furthermore, AlGooru reserves the right at any time in its sole discretion to block users from certain IP addresses from accessing the Site, as a preventive protection measure or in reaction to a threat.

3.2 Tax Obligations

Tutors expressly undertake to comply with all of their tax obligations and make all tax filings and declarations required under applicable laws, including, without limitation, make all such filings and declarations, and pay all taxes, in connection with their fees and tutoring activities. AlGooru expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever in this regard, and Tutors represent, understand and expressly agree to hold AlGooru harmless for any claim arising out of or in connection with such filings, declarations and taxes.

Termination of Registration

  • AlGooru reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate your access to all or part of the Site, to remove your profile from the Site, and/or to terminate your registration in AlGooru, with or without notice, at any time and at its sole discretion.
  • In such case of termination or suspension, you agree not to make any further use of the Site and/or Services after termination or during suspension.


AlGooru may only use the information you provide on the Site or through the Services in accordance with its privacy policy below. The privacy policy only applies to information collected via the Site, email, telephone, electronic devices and other interactive services.

5.1 Information Collected

  • AlGooru collects personally identifiable information when you use the Site or the Services. This personally identifiable information may be used:
    • to communicate with you;
    • to share the Tutor’s contact information with Students when a tutoring session is booked;
    • to share the Student’s contact information with Tutors when a tutoring session is booked;
    • to process you requests and ensure that our relationship with you is accurate and up to date;
    • to verify your identity in order to allow access to your account;
    • to process transactions and billing exclusively related to Tutor’s subscription fees;
    • to respond to your inquiries;
    • to send you important information regarding the Site or Services,
    • for data analysis, audits, developing and enhancing the Site and Services;
    • to comply with laws and regulations;
    • to send you marketing communications that may be of interest to you;
    • for administration of and troubleshooting regarding our system.
  • If you use the Site and Services as a Tutor, AlGooru will also collect your name, credit card number, expiration date and address information in connection with your account.
  • AlGooru will not disclose or sell your personally identifiable information without your consent. Nevertheless, third parties who provide technical support to AlGooru may need to access to such information, but they are not permitted to disclose such information.
  • AlGooru also collects information that is not personally identifiable information (type of browser, access time, pages viewed, IP address, operating system, etc.). AlGooru may edit and publish statistics made from this information, or share them with third parties, without including any personally identifiable information.
  • AlGooru may also gather information from other sources in order to combine it with information collected through the Site and Services.
  • AlGooru reserves the right to release non-personally identifiable information collected in aggregate.

5.2 Data Transmission and Storage

  • While we use encryption to protect sensitive information transmitted online, we also protect your information offline. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job (for example, billing or customer service) are granted access to personally identifiable information. The computers/servers in which we store personally identifiable information are kept in a secure environment.
  • AlGooru cannot guarantee the security of the collected information, including personally identifiable information. By using the Site and/or the Services, you acknowledge and agree that AlGooru makes no guarantee with respect to such security, and that you shall use the Site and Services at your own risk.

5.3 Use of Cookies

  • AlGooru uses cookies to help enhance your experience on the Site. Cookies are small text files that are sent to and stored on your computer, smartphone, or other device for accessing the internet, whenever you visit a website. Cookies allow a website to recognize Users’ devices and collect information. No personally identifiable information is stored in Algooru’ cookies.

Advertisement and Promotional Links To Third Party Sites

  • Users may find on the Site advertisement and/or links to external sites for advertisement or promotion purposes.
  • You acknowledge and agree that:
    • AlGooru does not approve, recommend, guarantee or certify the content of such external sites or any other materials, products or services available on such external sites;
    • You may access such external sites at your own risk;
    • AlGooru is not responsible for the content of such external sites, and expressly disclaims any liability in connection with such links and/or such external sites;
    • You shall hold AlGooru harmless from any liability arising out or in relation with the use of links to external sites.


7.1 Payments From Students to Tutors – Cancellation Policy

  • AlGooru is not a party to any agreement between Students and Tutors.
  • All payments agreed between Students and Tutors shall occur between them.
  • Any issue with respect to such payments must be resolved directly by the Students and the Tutors.
  • AlGooru is not responsible and disclaims all liability with respect to such payments.
  • Students hereby undertake and agree to never refuse to pay a Tutor upon completion of a satisfactory tutoring session that they have booked.
  • Students who intend to cancel a session that they have booked with a Tutor shall send a cancellation notice to the Tutor involved at least two hours before the beginning of the session
  • If Students do not cancel a booked session prior to the above deadlines, they shall be liable for the payment of a USD 30 (thirty US Dollars) penalty fee. This penalty fee shall be split as follows:
    • USD 20 (twenty US Dollars) to the Tutor, and
    • USD 10 (ten US Dollars) to AlGooru.

7.2 Online payment platform

  • AlGooru makes available to Students and Tutors a secure online payment platform provided by Bank Audi SAL (the “Payment Platform”).
  • AlGooru will provide Tutors who request it with a Bank Audi prepaid Visa card, in order to allow them to use the Payment Platform. Such Tutors will be informed 48 (forty-eight) hours ahead of time of the availability of their Visa card, which can be retrieved from an official AlGooru representative on their Campus. Tutors who have an account at Bank Audi SAL will be able to use it by providing AlGooru with the corresponding IBAN.
  • Students shall have the choice between paying their Tutor directly in cash or by credit card through the Payment Platform.
  • Students will be charged a 12 % (twelve per cent) booking fee per tutoring session (the “Booking Fee”). Accordingly, Tutors’ hourly rates shall be increased by 12 % (twelve per cent), and such final rates shall be rounded up to the nearest integer. The Booking Fee shall be paid to AlGooru as follows:
    • in case a Student chooses to pay its Tutor through the Payment Platform, such Tutor will have his or her Bank Audi Visa card (or Bank Audi account, as the case may be) credited with the amount AlGooru owes him, on Friday of each week;
    • in case a Student chooses to pay its Tutor directly in cash, such Tutor will have his or her Bank Audi Visa card (or Bank Audi account, as the case may be) debited with the amount he owes AlGooru, on Friday of each week. In case such Tutor does not have sufficient funds credited on his or her Bank Audi Visa card (or Bank Audi account, as the case may be), his or her account will be deactivated by AlGooru until sufficient funds are deposited on his or her Bank Audi Visa card (or Bank Audi account, as the case may be).
  • The Payment Platform is provided by TAP PAYMENT. AlGooru only makes it available to Students and Tutors. The Payment Platform may be discontinued or terminated in the event TAP PAYMENT discontinues or terminates such Payment Platform.
  • Accordingly, AlGooru is not responsible and disclaims all liability with respect to the availability of the Payment Platform as well as with any and all payments made through the Payment Platform. AlGooru shall only act as limited payment collection agent for Tutors.
  • Each Tutor hereby appoints AlGooru as the Tutor’s limited payment collection agent solely for the purpose of accepting the Tutor’s fees from Students. In accepting appointment as the limited payment collection agent of the Tutors, AlGooru assumes no liability for any acts or omissions of the Tutors and/or the Students.

7.3 Satisfaction Guarantee for Students

  • Tutors shall provide the Students with a 100 % cash back satisfaction guarantee with respect to the quality of the tutoring session and aligning with Algooru’s Smart Match Guarantee.
  • Tutors shall wave their fees should the Students require it in the event Students are not satisfied with a tutoring session and there are objective reasons to justify it, including, but not limited to:
    • Student is not satisfied with the quality of the tutoring session;
    • Tutor arrives more than 20 (twenty) minutes late to the tutoring session;
    • Tutor appears not to have the knowledge required to teach.
  • Notwithstanding the provisions of section 7.1 hereof, AlGooru may be consulted for its non-binding opinion in case of disagreement between Students and Tutors about the refunding of tutoring session fees. AlGooru will have 48 (forty-eight) hours to investigate the case before giving such opinion.

7.4 Free Trial Offers

  • AlGooru may offer limited-time free trial subscriptions to Users from time-to-time.
  • After the expiration of the free trial period, Tutors will be charged the subscription fee to the Services as provided in section 7.2 hereof.

Release of Liability for Disputes Between Students and Tutors

  • Any issues arising out of or in connection with the conduct of Students or Tutors must be resolved directly by the Students and the Tutors.
  • AlGooru expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any claims, demands or damages arising out of or in connection with such issues.
  • You represent, understand, and expressly agree to hold AlGooru harmless for any claim arising out of or in connection with any disputes between Users of the Site.

Disclaimer of Warranties

  • Use of the Site and Services are at your sole risk.
  • AlGooru makes no representation or warranties of any kind whether express or implied with respect to the suitability or quality of any Users to provide services as a tutor.
  • All information, content, services and materials contained on the Site (the “Information”) are provided on an “as is”, “as available” and “with all faults” basis.
  • To the maximum extent permitted by law, AlGooru:
    • does not warrant the accuracy of such Information;
    • does not warrant that your use of the Site or Services will be uninterrupted, always available, timely, secure, free from computer viruses, error-free, useful, satisfactory, or that any error and/or defect in the Site or Services will be corrected;
    • disclaims all express or implied conditions, representations and warranties of any kind including, but not limited to, any implied warranty or condition of merchantability, fitness for a particular use or purpose, non-infringement of third-party rights, and satisfactory quality,
    • expressly excludes all conditions, warranties and other terms which might otherwise be implied by law and disclaims liability for errors or omissions in this Information.
  • You shall assume all risks for any damage to your computer system, including, but not limited to, loss of data, resulting from obtaining any Information from the Site and/or computer viruses.

Limitation of Liability

  • The Site and Services merely offer a meeting platform for Students seeking Tutors.
  • You understand and agree that AlGooru has no control over the performance or conduct of Users, whether online or offline, and that AlGooru makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy, suitability and/or quality of the statements made by Users and services provided by Users. AlGooru expressly disclaims, and each and all Users expressly release AlGooru from, any and all liability for any dispute, claims, lawsuits, damages, losses or injuries whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the Site and/or Services.
  • AlGooru shall not be involved in any transaction between Users, which are in any case made directly between them, nor shall AlGooru be responsible for any consequence whatsoever of any kind resulting from interactions between Users.
  • To the fullest extent permitted by law, in no event will AlGooru be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental, exemplary or consequential damages, losses or expenses arising out of or in connection with the Site and/or Services, including, but not limited to, damages arising out of and/or related to the use or inability to use the Site and/or Services, any information or services received from or through the Site and/or Services, removal of content from the Site (including profile information), conduct of any third party on the Site, failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus or system failure.
  • These limitations shall apply even if AlGooru has previously been advised of, or reasonably could have foreseen, the possibility of such damages, however they arise, whether in breach of contract or in tort (including negligence).
  • Under no circumstances shall Algooru’ aggregate liability to you, in any form of action whatsoever in connection with this Agreement or the use of the Site and/or Services, exceed the amount paid by you to AlGooru or, if you have not paid AlGooru for the use of any Services, the amount of $200 (two hundred USD).
  • You acknowledge and agree that the warranty disclaimers and limitations of liability provided in these Terms are material, fair and reasonable, and that they have been taken into account in the decision by each party to enter into this Agreement.

Assumption of Risk

You agree and understand that you assume all risk when using the Site and the Services, including but not limited to all of the risks associated with any online or offline interactions with Users. You agree to take all necessary precautions when interacting with Users or other site visitors.


  • By agreeing to these Terms, Users agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless AlGooru and its shareholders, officers, agents, licensors, suppliers, other partners, employees and representatives from and against any and all claims, losses, expenses or demands of liability, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs (including but not limited to court costs) incurred by AlGooru in connection with any claim by a third party (including an intellectual property claim) arising out of:
    • materials, information and content you transmit to and/or through the Site or Services;
    • your acts and/or omissions on or off the Site;
    • your use of the Site or Services in violation of these Terms, in violation of any applicable law or regulation, or in violation of the rights of any third party;
    • disputes with or between Users;
    • misstatements and/or misrepresentations;
    • you use of links to third party websites;
    • any action you may take based on Information obtained on or through the Site.
  • Users further agree that they will cooperate as reasonably required in the defense of such claims.
  • AlGooru reserves the right, at its own expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by Users, and Users shall not, in any event, settle any claim or matter without the written consent of AlGooru.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms, and any dispute between you and AlGooru, shall be governed by the laws of Lebanon without regard to principles of conflicts of law. Unless you and AlGooru agree otherwise, in the event that the arbitration agreement provided in section 15 below is found not to apply to you or to a particular claim or dispute for any reason, you agree that any claim or dispute that has arisen or may arise between you and AlGooru must be resolved exclusively by Lebanese courts.


By using the Site or the Services, you hereby agree and accept that all disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms shall be submitted to mediation in accordance with the mediation rules of the AlAref Law Office (Beirut, Lebanon) to which the parties hereby adhere. The AlAref Law Office will propose to the parties, for their approval, one or more mediators from the list maintained by such center. The place of the mediation shall be Lebanon. Should the mediation fail, such dispute shall, at the request of any party hereto, be finally settled under the Rules of Conciliation and Arbitration of the Beirut Chamber of Commerce and Industry by one or more arbitrators appointed in accordance with the said Rules. The place of the Arbitration shall be Beirut (Lebanon). The language of the arbitration shall be English. The arbitration award shall be final and binding upon the Parties.


  • No failure or delay of any party to exercise any right or power given under this agreement shall constitute a waiver of the party’s right or power.
  • The invalidity, illegality or unenforceability of any term or provision of these Terms shall in no way effect the validity, legality or enforceability of any other term or provision of these Terms. In the event a term or provision is determined to be invalid or unenforceable, the parties agree to replace such term or provision with a term or provision that is valid and enforceable and that comes closest to expressing the intention of the invalid or unenforceable term or provision, and these Terms shall be enforceable as so modified.